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George Mezori Quora Blog

George Mezori Quora Blog

Rainbow Mountains – China

There’s a reason why this mountain range in China is named the “Rainbow Mountains.”

Leysin – Switzerland

I went to boarding school here, and Leysin is a pretty neat and surreal place with many mountains and lots of hiking. It’s also right next to Glacier 3000 and other neighboring villages and ski-resorts.  The ski Resort sits between two giant pillars of rock towering 400+ feet high.

Blackhills – South Dakota

Nested close to Rapid City and right next door to Mount Rushmore sits the Blackhills. There’s lots of hiking and biking in this area and it’s a great place for shooting photos.

Devils Tower – Wyoming

In the middle of a field with some hills sits an odd shaped mountain named “Devils Tower” with an old lore that a bear made the marks in the tower with his sharp claws. You may know Devils Tower from the late 1970’s film “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”, where an alien base is hiding under Devils Tower. Either or, Devils Tower has an eerie sort of vibe to it since it’s a 1000 foot tower that stands out of the ground in a mostly flat / hilled area.

Though, if you do make the trip to Devils Tower the hiking trail that goes around it a nice simple walk, and the  surrounding area is also very pretty. To get in you have to pay a National Park Fee and then you’re free to do whatever you want besides Rock Climbing which requires a permit and has a fee associated with it. However, if you’re wanting to rock climb, then Devil Tower offers many routes to climb up and is a fairly short climb being that the Tower stands only 1000 feet tall.

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Nested between Laos, Thailland, and Vietnam sits Cambodia. It’s similar to Thailand with its many temples and natural wonders. It’s a pretty cool place.

“The Floating Islands of Phang Na Bay – Thailand

Phuket Thailand’s floating islands are notoriously famous for the 007 Bond movie and is a hot tourism spot. Here’s a bit of advice if you’re headed to Phuket. Bring Sunscreen, Aloe Vera, and Mosquito spray!


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  1. some of the koolest pics I”ve ever seen.

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